Monday, September 21, 2015

Wonderful World of Penis

A random selection of the dick-related - articles, images, and videos.  No beating around the bush - lets get right to it!

The rise of "mostly straight" guys:
Why men's sex lives are more complicated than you think

My naked penis painting- stawamus chief hike.mp4

8 de junio libran las modelos, 8th june the female models ar.mp4

INFOGRAPHIC: Man Keeps Stats Over 93 Days Of Masturbation

A really fun collection of creative dick pics:
if my penis was "Since I spend so much time with my penis, I thought I would take the time to appreciate all the various states and stages it enjoys. I hope you find my art amusing - I enjoyed creating it!

Let's Get Weird. What are your masturbation secrets, tricks, and tips?



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