Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm taking a break from preparing for our Sunday afternoon party tomorrow, and I just stumbled across this hilarious - and relevant - video:

We don't have any linden trees in the Jacks space, but it does, for some reason, smell like cum...

And - from the bizarre and wonderful frontiers of WTF:

Man gets friends’ pubes glued to face for stag do, for some reason

Here's a classic, from the TV show Weeds:


And a sad tale of creative road-safety advertising quashed by prudes:

South Dakota Sadly Forced to Cancel "Don't Jerk and Drive" Campaign Don't jerk off while you're driving - save it for a Jacks party!

Finishing up with a few random images from the "humor" folder:

A couple of examples of phallic imagery that hasn't been quashed by prudes:


A manly PSA:


A reminder of pleasures sadly passed, for those of us who used to love men's room sex, back when there was a lot of it available:


A classic:


OMG - do you know what a terrible burden it is having a cock this huge?


We may not get your windshield very clean at our special nude carwash, but you'll definitely enjoy watching us trying!


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