Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hard News

Inquiring men want to know: what's the latest cock-related news?

Starting off today with an inspiring example of the lengths (and girths) that men will go to fight the oppressive forces of the NSA:

Men Are Posting Full Frontals On Reddit To Stick It To The NSA

The link to the Reddit group is in the story, and here are a couple of freedom fighters:

And it isn't just here in the USA that men are flashing cock for freedom:

Politician proudly displays own penis in campaign ad

You have to scroll down in the article to see the, uh.. polling station, so we're including it here in the interest of more cocks:

Here's a beautiful thing:

These Volunteers Give Handjobs to the Severely Disabled

And the Website (in Chinese) of the Hand Angels

And on the frontiers of masturbation-related science:

Here's a story about the (incredibly well-hung) Cape ground squirrels who apparently suck themselves off (and swallow their loads) "to avoid sexually transmitted diseases".
While they may be doing it partly for that reason, I think they're ignoring the more obvious "Why does a squirrel suck himself off? Because he can!" motivation.

Squirrels masturbate to avoid sexually transmitted infections

And finishing off with some fascinating dick pics; the bizarre penises of the (in this case kind of ironically-named) damselflies. Not really bate-fuel - unless you have remarkably exotic tastes in these thing - but pretty amazing!


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