Thursday, May 14, 2015


I saw a reference to Nude Rugby and was happy to find that it's something that men do, often with large, appreciative crowds. Living in our still-puritan culture here in the USA I'm not finding it here, but it seems to be an accepted thing in some other countries.

In fact, the first video I found is on a mainstream New Zealand TV news Website; flopping, bouncing cocks and all ( and - kind of weirdly - some fully-clothed women players among the naked men):

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Nude rugby takes place in Dunedin ahead of Bledisloe Cup Test

And here's a short one, with the very porno sounding title

"Nude Blacks edge England"

And this adorable compilation of stills:

But it's in the locker-room after the game that the real action happens:


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