Saturday, September 13, 2014

The pleasures of edging

Strokin' your cock is always a beautiful thing, but there are whole new universes of pleasure available to men who begin to explore the magic land that we call The Edge.

twice in 1 minute.mp4

Bringing yourself right up to the edge of Inevitability - that moment where you lose control and orgasm and/or ejaculation is impossible to stop - is the basic idea, but there is so much more once you begin to play with the edge. I've been edging for more than 40 years now and I still discover new things about what my body/mind is capable of pretty much every time I do it in a focused way.

sensual .mp4

Multiple ejaculation is entry-level edging for a lot of guys - it's the most obvious reward, along with the build-up of pleasure you can experience - but there are other, more intense rewards for men who stick with it do it in a mindful manner.


If you aren't already an edging explorer - give it a try!


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