Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jock/Underwear/Gear Theme Party - comin' at you!

JOCKSTRAP. Just the word is enough to start some men to sprouting a woody. Men in underwear: boxers, jocks, undershirts, union-suits, briefs and all the other gear that we wear under our street-clothes. A hard cock stretching out the fabric of a man's tighty-whiteys; the straps of a jock crossing over hairy ass-cheeks and disappearing between a guy's legs; conservative-looking boxers pulled down to reveal a stiff prick and a tight ballsack; the enticing frustration of trying to get at a hard cock through the y-front on a pair of briefs; chest hair and stiff nips just barely concealed by a sheer undershirt.

Sometimes getting there is MORE than half the fun and, c'mon - you know how much you love to unwrap a big present. Come to the party with your favorite under-gear and be prepared to take it home in a bag because you know it's going to get messy!
Swap underwear with one of your Jacks buddies or bring some extras for other guys to wear and then give back to you. How many loads of cum can you collect on your favorite briefs or boxers? Just like a dick; the best thing to do with a theme is to play with it, let yourself go and get off on it.



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