Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wankin' in the media

- Starting of with the totally ridiculous; this is apparently the first functional penis made within Minecraft. Minecraft is a video game/environment that goes against the tendency to make games more and more realistic-looking by making everything out of big cubes:


- Next up: whatever you might think of the substance of this story, you have to admit the headline is pretty hilarious:

Ohio Trooper Gives Teen Boy Lesson in Masturbation and Gets Off
It's hard to believe they didn't notice the humor in the title...

A couple from Vice magazine:

An OK article about clubs like Jacks:

Examining the Pull of Group Masturbation Parties

and they mention that the guy who runs the Melbourne Wankers in Australia has an interesting-looking book out in both paperback and Kindle editions:

More info on the book here >

And a nice pro-wank article:

Fap for Freedom

And finishing up with a cautionary tale:



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