Sunday, February 9, 2014

Creative urges

When Homo Ludens meets Homo Faber - when the urge to play collides with that one tool that men always have at hand - you get some creative JO smut:

I can't help seeing this as a model for a monumental sculpture - maybe erected with the base in a building-lobby and the head peeking up into a mezzanine - offering up that candy-like cum:

Yes - I believe this IS how Jackson Pollack got his start:

A sweet, arty JO clip - don't bother trying to visit the link shown in the clip - the site no longer exists:


THIS is one of my favorite photos of all time - it brings together 2 of my great passions in such a perfect way:

OK - here's Homo Faber - man the tool-user. Just watch the way his cock bounces with pleasure as he uses the feathers on his nips. Such passion!


Mmmmm - I've always had a sweet-tooth - gimme some honey, man:


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