Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Double Dick Dude


I guess some people find this weird or upsetting but... WOW.

This guy Double Dick Dude did an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit about the amazing, beautiful fact that he has two fully functional cocks, side by side, and that he's perfectly happy about it, is bisexual, and... he just really celebrates this wonderful, totally random fact about his body.

The Reddit thing is the usual Reddit blend of good and interesting with deeply stupid and puerile, but it's worth taking a look:

He has a Tumblr site set up:

And some pictures on Twitter:

And a few pictures:

How do we get this man to a Jacks party?

He's one of the few men who can honestly say he has 13 inches :)

I'm imagining some of the sex possibilities and it's kind of blowing my mind...

And I love that he's bi - it's like he figured "well, I've got one for each" ;)

A double salute to Double Dick Dude!


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