Saturday, November 9, 2013

DIY Cholesterol Reduction

More good news for frequent ejaculators!

Scientists have shown that squirting that big, hot load actually helps to eliminate cholesterol:

"Cholesterol, along with other products of metabolism, is metabolized into hormones (Medical Biochemistry Page. Com, 2013) such as testosterone. Through the sperm cycle, testosterone is important in the production of sperm, as it signals spermatogenesis (Walker, 2011). The cycle goes on as the body needs to renew sperms.

What happens when one ejaculate is that sperm level is reduced and thus can trigger the need for more testosterone to signal sperm production. The demand for testosterone then, can trigger metabolism of cholesterol in the body. Thus, reducing the level of cholesterol."

Here's the article: ejaculation_reduces_cholesterol

So WHY isn't my health insurance offering me a rebate for every time I ejaculate?

Here, in the interest of promoting health and wellness, are a few gents demonstrating their personal cholesterol-reduction techniques. Some of these guys must have negative cholesterol levels!

While I am personally opposed to body-hair removal, I believe the implications of this particular video are just too important to ignore, health-wise. This guy could reduce the cholesterol of the population of a small nation:

Nectar of the Gods.mp4




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