Sunday, September 15, 2013

Magic Acts

My buddy Paul - the main man behind our brother club in Seattle, the Rain City Jacks - posted a hands-free-squirt video to their email list, so I got inspired to dig through my collection for more.

I'm a sexual athlete, but this an Olympic event I never trained for, and I gotta say I envy these guys. I can get myself close enough to the edge that I can take my hand off of my cock and still squirt, but these magicians can Think Off - no hands from soft to hard to squirt. Magnificent!

If you're like me you probably find it difficult to get motivated to do pull-ups. Here's what's been missing from our pull-up routine:


Another guy who seems to use rhythmic internal contractions to get himself off. Amazing:


This one is the most amazing of the three to me - he really seems to be doing absolutely nothing physical to get himself there:


If there's any editing going on in these I'm not seeing it, and I know a couple of guys who can "think off", so I know it's possible. Something to aspire too!


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