Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Furballs

I have personal nicknames for some of the men who I see often at the gym but don't talk with.

"Furball" is one I've reused a few times as hot, hairy men have passed through the gym over the years. The guy who I honor with that nickname right now is, I would guess, somewhere around 30, nice looking, and has a beautiful, brown pelt carpeting the front of his nicely toned but not ripped chest and belly.

He's one of those annoying dick-shy guys who's never completely naked in the locker room, so I've never seen the meat, but I do love looking at him. Maybe one of these days...

So - in honor of Mr. Furball and all the other sexy, hairy men out there, it's Fur Time:

Not full-face, but.. oh yeah:


This one's so hot I think I burned my fingers a little:


And a really beautiful photo to finish us off:


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