Saturday, June 29, 2013

A friendly reminder

Have you made examining your balls a regular part of your bathing routine? It's quick, easy and kind of fun, and it could save your nuts - or your life.

Here's a really good, clear video - I've been examining myself for years and I learned some stuff from it. I'm not sure who produced it, but the fact that it shows an actual scrotum on an real man means it probably isn't from the USA, where we believe that anyone who sees genitals will suffer irreparable harm:

Here's another one from the UK, where they have a more mature attitude about these things. In looking for videos I found references to a live, on-air exam on a British show called "This Morning", but no video of that. This video doesn't really add anything the first one doesn't have, I just thought it was kind of adorable. The guy being examined is putting so much energy into pretending he isn't there, on camera, with another man handling his nuts...

Live Testic.flv

And here's a hot clip of a man who obviously has a special relationship with his balls:



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