Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bankers are wankers

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Butt Magazine featured a special long excerpt from this video "Bankers" by Antonio da Silva a while back.

Here's a shorter clip:

You can watch a longer teaser clip on the Butt Website:

and follow the link to da Silva's blog: though it's unclear whether he ever got around to setting up a donation system for people to watch the full-length video.

It's a creative - and very hot - video that captures some of the fun and excitement of the men's room sex experience.

I was surprised to read some of the comments on the BUTT site: a number of guys talk about how "sad" it is and "Why the gay community continues glamorizing or romanticizing anonymous sexual encounters in public washrooms? If this was a truly satisfying sexual expression, a man wouldn’t be cruising his 900th trick in a public washroom".

These are men taking a break from work to give themselves and each other a little bit of pleasure. It means different things to each man. Is taking a break from work for a cup of coffee and some enjoyable conversation Sad and Pathetic? What's the difference?

The thing I find sad is the invention of the goddamn Urinal Divider - the person who came up with that annoying, sexually repressive idea is on my Enemies List for ever for sure ;)


Unknown said...

I work at a bank and do solo wank almost daily. I should be working now. Lol

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