Saturday, February 23, 2013

Faces of the Little Death

First of all: Thank You! to all the men out there who are showing their faces when they're shooting video of themselves getting off. It's a beautiful thing to share.

For some guys it looks like a pretty simple thing: "Oh yeah. That feels great. I'm close. I"m close. I'm coming! Oh. Yeah. Wow - that was great.".

Other men seem to have a more complicated thing going on. Watch the subtle changes in their faces; the micro-expressions and the flow of emotions.

The moment where this guy catches his own eye in the mirror for a split second:


Adorable, and a fuckin' explosive ejaculation:


Looking sort of resigned to his own magnificence, right up til the sweet little smile at the end. And a lesson for all of us: shoot your videos with a dark background so the squirt shows up:



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