Sunday, January 13, 2013

Damn - sorry

When I started this blog I had to make some decisions about how to set it up, and one decision I made was to store the videos on Youtube in such a way that they wouldn't be in Youtube's public catalog - so they wouldn't show up in search results or anything.

Well, sadly, I'm a chump and that was the wrong decision.

So - someone stumbled on a couple of the videos and flagged them as "Inappropriate", and now I'm locked out of the account.

Most of the videos are still visible here in the blog for the moment, but they could all vanish at any moment.

So I'm starting the deeply boring and remarkably annoying process of uploading all of the videos to a new hosting site and then editing all of the posts here in the blog so they'll be available to you, my faithful audience of 'baters.

So: I hope you'll accept my apologies, keep your cock in your hand and enjoy the videos you can see on here, and know that I'm working my fingers to the boner to make sure all of the videos will be available for your wanking pleasure.


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