Saturday, May 26, 2012

Foreskin Friday!

(Oops - I thought I had hit the "publish" button on this post yesterday, so I guess we've moved into, uh... Smegma Saturday? Maybe not...)

Can you believe it's already that best of all of the days of the week again - Foreskin Friday? Time sure does fly when you're stroking your hard meat, doesn't it, buddy?

Just in time for the holiday weekend - a few more lucky men with generously hooded equipment, showing you how they work that stiff meat. Whip it out and join in, man!



Friday, May 18, 2012


Thank God it's Foreskin Friday! Does your workplace celebrate Foreskin Fridays? Docking Day? If not: tell them to get with the program and make Friday an extra-special day to celebrate all things prepucial as we do here at the Philly Jacks Blog.

Starting off with a Fact from the Website:

Myth #2: It’s just a little piece of skin, he won’t miss it.
Fact: The prepuce (foreskin) makes up as much as half of the skin system of the penis. It is an extension of the shaft skin that folds over onto itself, completely covering and protecting the glans (an internal organ) and provides the mobility of the shaft skin necessary for frictionless intercourse and masturbation. The foreskin has three known functions: protective, immunological, and sexual. It contains about 10,000 highly specialized nerve endings and several feet of blood vessels. An adult male foreskin, if unfolded and spread out, would be about the size of index card (3 x 5 inches), much more than a “little piece of skin.” Many sexually active men circumcised in adulthood report a significant decrease in sexual pleasure and comfort because of the loss of sensitive nerve endings, skin mobility and natural lubrication.

Damn, do I ever wish I still had mine!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Jit Propulsion Lab

Does anyone call cum Jit these days? OK - I just checked and it's in there, though Jism seems to have replaced it in most usage.

Anyway: here are a couple of gentlemen doing important experimental studies of high-speed, long-distance semen expulsion. Fuck, these guys shoot crazy amounts of juice. Reminds me of my buddy The Firehose - I'll have to tell you about one of these days...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Masked Men!

In honor of our Hidden Identity Theme party tomorrow:

Kind of adorable that this guy thinks he's hiding his identity with that mask:

They grow'em big down in Brazil:

And - YES! - just found a new one from one of my favorite squirters:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Annoying Soundtrack Special!

We have some hot videos here - a couple of them with themes I'll be exploring in more depth in the future - but what the hell were these guys thinking when they left the annoying soundtracks on the videos before they uploaded them? You'll want to turn the sound off for the first one and down for the other 2:

• Yum:

• Heavy equipment here - and I'm not talking about his cock. The video's a little long, but it's fascinating, and be sure to stay tuned for the adorable commentary with the French accent at the end:


• And a lucky man with some VERY sensitive nips: