Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jack Face

You hear some people say stuff like  "A man with clothes on is so much more erotic than a naked guy" and - hey - to each his own, but - give me the bare ass and the naked cock every time.  That said, there's this video on Malemotion of this man - nice and hairy, big dick - and I find myself watching his face more than his cock.  Crazy ;)

So I did a little edit and cropped it so it's just his face:

all the fleeting expressions on his face - excitement, self-consciousness, the little smiles and grimaces; the "Goddamn I love my cock" look, and the funny, "well; that was a little embarrassing, but it sure felt great" expression after he squirts and before he licks the cum off of his fingers... kind of like an opera without all that annoying singing (sorry opera-fans - I just don't like opera voices).

and here's the full-frame video - I got it here: Jerk67

I watch these videos and wonder how many of these guys in them know that the videos are circulating on the Web - a lot of them look like recordings of guys on cams.


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