Saturday, February 25, 2012

Philly Jacker Pete

The first hot-n-horny Philadelphia Jacks man to star in our blog: it's Pete! As you'll see in the video, Pete is a nature lover who enjoys long walks (and wanks) in the woods. If you don't frequent the same woods and you want to play with Pete you just might run into him at one of our parties.

Thanks for sharing, Pete - lookin' good!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've had this one for years - no idea where I got it, but.. damn! It's a classic.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 Health Benefits of Masturbation

I got off twice during last night's Jacks party so I am feeling very, very healthy ;)

Men's Health has an enlightening article about why you should be pleasuring yourself pretty much 24/7:

5 Health Benefits of Masturbation

We've had items about a few of these in the "Masturbation in the News" section of the Jacks Website for a while, and they missed a few benefits that we've included, like: "Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome".

My health insurance reimburses a portion of my gym membership if I go and work out more than 150 times per year, so: shouldn't they be paying me to masturbate? Every time I come, I'm saving them money on future medical bills, right? I have to use the phone to log each of my gym visits, so there'd have to be some system for them to keep track of my orgasms - maybe using the cam on my laptop? ;)

The thing the Men's Health article misses is the incredible health benefits of masturbating with other men, especially in a large group - think about the wrist workout you get at Jacks parties! It's like an aerobics class for your cock!

I'm definitely going to talk to my gym about starting up a JackAerobics class for men, and here's one of the pictures I'll use to get them excited about the idea:

you can see that these guys are doing a combination of standing and floor/mat workouts - the ones who are lying down are really working their.. uh.. abs ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Squirt

One of my favorite xtube men. I don't know if he has an account right now - he's one of those guys who puts up a bunch of videos for a while, and then takes them all down, and waits a while and starts all over with a new name. He was a1coksuker when I first found him. I wish I'd been at this backyard barbecue!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Jacked Up: Expressions....

All Jacked Up: Expressions....: Check out the expressions on each of their faces.... I love it!

re-blogged from jacker615's All Jacked Up. Jacks party!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jack Face

You hear some people say stuff like  "A man with clothes on is so much more erotic than a naked guy" and - hey - to each his own, but - give me the bare ass and the naked cock every time.  That said, there's this video on Malemotion of this man - nice and hairy, big dick - and I find myself watching his face more than his cock.  Crazy ;)

So I did a little edit and cropped it so it's just his face:

all the fleeting expressions on his face - excitement, self-consciousness, the little smiles and grimaces; the "Goddamn I love my cock" look, and the funny, "well; that was a little embarrassing, but it sure felt great" expression after he squirts and before he licks the cum off of his fingers... kind of like an opera without all that annoying singing (sorry opera-fans - I just don't like opera voices).

and here's the full-frame video - I got it here: Jerk67

I watch these videos and wonder how many of these guys in them know that the videos are circulating on the Web - a lot of them look like recordings of guys on cams.

Monday, February 6, 2012


 I found this guy on Xtube thanks to a reference to him in the blog of porn hero Joe Gage (and if you're a Gage fan you'll get the reference in the title of this post). Looks like he's having a good time, doesn't it?

100% Real Juice

I'm not sure who made this infographic - it's been floating around for a couple of years online - but it sure is fun and fascinating!

You can see a full-size version of it here: The Scoop on Semen

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thumbs up

Goddamn do I love this man. He's my kind of hot, he has a huge cock, and he does that thing at the end - the little smile, the thumbs-up and then he licks his jizz off of his fingers. Perfect.

Be sure to click on the Full-Screen icon on the lower right of the movie player so you can watch it BIG.

I downloaded this from - if you want to see a higher-quality version here's the link: Wank Tattoo

If you go to the site it'll only show you a preview until you join, but there's a free membership and it is definitely worth it - lots of good stuff on there.


What can you say but "WOW!" and "Yes - I would like to see you do that again, but this time please do it all over me".

It's from the Wikipedia page on Ejaculation